The art of communication covers verbal and non-verbal communication (Body language). Our verbal and non-verbal cues if use appropriately can change another person’s perception about our intentions. 

Example: Telling someone not to smoke in a hospital ‘No Smoking’ zone can sometimes offend others if put across incorrectly:

Nurse: (With unfriendly face and reprimanding tone) “Hey You! Do you know you can’t smoke here?”


Nurse: (With an empathetic facial expression and gentle tone) “Sir, I know you are having a hard time, but you can’t smoke here.” (Point to No Smoking sign and smile gently) 

In any business or social situation, sometimes saying the right thing or using the right words could mean the difference of having a friend or losing a business deal. At Style House, our Image Consultants will advise you on how to say the right thing, use the appropriate words to help you manage any tongue-tied social situations.

The benefits of mastering the art of communication is you will have more opportunities in life.