Human communication forms an integral part of human relationship bonding socially and professionally. In today’s current work and social environment, our Emotional Quotient holds more weightage than our Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Being knowledgeable about the standards of etiquette in a social or corporate environment is key to being a well-groomed and successful individual. 

Social and business etiquette is simply doing and saying the right things that makes one well-liked by others across different culture; social and work environment.
Such practices and tips on how to conduct oneself and interact with others will be taught via roles plays and demonstrations. 
Tried and tested methods of handling any social or business situation will also be shared. Very useful for graduating students or servicemen who are moving on to further their studies or enter the working world.

Once you have an understanding of social and business etiquette and practice it in your daily endeavor, it will give you an added advantage during internship; job interviews, social and work life.