Have you ever wondered why similar clothing; hair and make-up colours can look wonderful on some people but really unappealing on another person? 

The reason is because our skin pigmentation is generally differentiated under warm and cool skin undertone. Colours are also classified under warm and cool tone. When a person with warm skin undertone wears cool tone clothing, make-up or hair colours, theeffect is not only visually unappealing to others but rather shocking. 

Some artiste like Lady Ga Ga purposely adopts such contrast colour tone to make a fashion statement. However for non-celebrity individuals, our objective is always to look appealing to others and that is where Style House can help you achieve that.

During consultation with our Image Consultants, we will drape you with a series of colour swatches to help you identify your “Wow!” colours. Knowing your best colours ensures that you will never buy unnecessary clothes and make-up colours that don’t flatter your skin undertone and make you look sickly. Instead with the right colours selection, you will look radiant, professional and younger.

Online research has shown that 47% of people make clothing and apparel purchases online, based on how well it looks on the model instead of having an understanding of how it would look on themselves. That often led to wrong purchases.
The effects of color harmony or contrast in terms of hair, make-up, wardrobe, and accessorizing will be imparted to the participants, for them toexperiment and achieve the desired physical impression they would like to portray to others

Colour & Style Analysis is suitable for men & ladies across all age group.