In this day and age, dining etiquette has become a necessary protocol for people to socialize and many business deals are closed during a meal. Therefore knowing how to impress our dining partners is definitely beneficial to any individual.

The current socially-recognised dining setup is Western in most occasions. Knowing the purpose and usage of the cutlery coupled with the appropriate table manners, would be a great asset to being a well-groomed individual.

Being a multi-cultural community like ours, it is also good to be informed about the different types of dining customs that are out there. This would promote awareness and not cause one to be ignorant in an unfamiliar dining setting.

Our basic dining programme for students will cover the theory and standards of Western dining etiquette, a thorough demonstration and include a hands-on lunch/dinner of a 3-course meal for all participants to follow through, with our Trainers observing and correcting along the way.

For working adults, we will take them through 7 course dinning meal in a posh restaurant. Teach them the finer points of business meal set up during a very formal business transaction.