The reason why celebrities male and female looks so good all the time on red carpet is simply great make-up.

On occasion when celebrities are caught on camera without their make-up and beautiful dresses, you will see a totally new person which more than often - quite shocking.

Style House Image Consultants specialises in live make-up demonstration workshop. Such workshop may be hands-on for a higher fee and participant’s gets to keep a make-up kit.

The difference our make-up workshop has to offer that is different from make-up workshops offered by cosmetic companies is that we will colour code our participants into warm and cool colours and recommend make-up colours that complement their skin undertone.

The benefit of learning how to do a nice 15 minutes make-up is that you will look younger, fresher and more professional in the eyes of others.

Who says you can’t look like a celebrity if you are not one. All you need to do is know what celebrities do to look fabulous.