Ever wonder why models and actresses look so good on the red carpet? Before these people become celebrities, they are just like you. Some probably hunch when they walk.

However, the moment they become celebrities, there will be professional image trainers like us to tell them the secrets to looking confident even when they are not on the red carpet minus the beautiful dress and makeovers. The secret lies in their posture. When a person hunches, the impression they project to others is a person with low self-esteem.

When others perceive you as one with low self-esteem, they will associate you to being a person who is not successful; under achiever, lazy and anti-social. A classic example is Susan Boyle of Britain Got Talent fame before and after. 

By standing and moving properly, one could completely change the way one looks and hugely increase one’s confidence. Regardless of your looks or age, learning to carry yourself with decorum will get positive attention and respect from others around you. 

At Style House, our consultants will show you the 3 types of posture and which is the best one to adopt. We will also share with you a very simple technique to correct a hunch and make you look confident and more attractive to others. To top it off, we will teach you how to look more intelligent with the way you stand, sit and walk.