Humans judge attractiveness by body proportion, which also makes it fundamental in dressing oneself. Vertical and horizontal proportion, face shape analysis, and personality styles will be elaborated and identified across the participants.

During consultation, our image consultants will do a series of measurements to determine the individual’s body shape and proportion (To analyze if a lady has an hour glass or a triangle body shape). We will also analyze their face; head shape to recommend appropriate hairstyles that flatter. Based on their analysis, we will recommend the kind of clothing style that best suites them best. 

Finally, we will also recommend the clothing styles that suit her personality profile. For example, pop star Jennifer Lopez who has a sexy personality (notice that a sexy personality would opt for clothing styles that shows cleavage; small waist and lots of legs) will look weird in clothes that Taylor Swift (feminine personality- will prefers clothing styles that has elements of frills, lace and floral prints and not too revealing) would wear and vice versa.

The benefit of having a style analysis done is that you will save on buying ill-fitting clothes and buy clothes that flatter your personality style and body shape. It is guaranteed that it will make you look slimmer, younger and more professional looking.

Colour & Style Analysis is suitable for men & ladies across all age group.